Annual Trips

In 2017 an educational trip to India was arranged by UK Hindi Samiti for the debate winners as well as other Hindi learners and teachers. The purpose of the trip was for the students to learn about Indian culture and History as well as improve their Hindi.

We visited the Banaras Hindu University and Sukhadia University in Udaipur. At both, students met with Hindi students and teachers to exchange views on how they can help each other to improve.

We also visited Jaliyan Wala Bagh & Wagah border in Amritsar, Stupas of Ashoka Maurya period at Sarnath and ÔÇťAnand Bhavan" - once home to first prime minister of Independent India and Sangam at Allahabad. Alongside those we visited various palaces and forts in Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur. Whilst in New Delhi a welcome was arranged by Aksharam an organisation promoting the Hindi language and Hindi literature in India. Finally, as a special treat we were invited to be on NDTV's famous chat show Hum Loge. The episode was a discussion with UK Hindi students about learning Hindi.

In 2016 a trip to Venice for the the debate winners as well as other Hindi learners and teachers was organised. This provided an opportunity for students to practice Hindi in an immersive and concentrated way.

In 2015 we organised a trip to Paris for the the debate winners as well as other Hindi learners and teachers. This was an opportunity for students to practice Hindi together for a few days.

UK Hindi Samiti has organised annual trips to India from 2001 to 2014 for competition winners.

Special Events

Hindi Mahotsav - 28 June-1 July 2018

A four day event was held by UK Hindi Samiti to raise awareness about Hindi language and literature in UK and other western countries and was held in London, Birmingham, Oxford and Slough in collaboration with Vani Prakashan , Vatayan and Kriti UK

Programmes were attended by Mr Tarun Kumar, current Hindi attache at the High Commission of India.

It was also attended by Anil Sharma, previous Hindi attache to the UK, currently serving in Fiji.

Other distinguished guest was Mr Virender Sharma MP

Hindi Samiti's regular senior judges also attended.

Hindi teachers and students took part in this programme along with the poets, writers and Hindi publishers.

There were discussions about suitable Hindi material for British Asians and others learning Hindi as second or even third language

Poetry was recited by poets from India und UK.

Other Activities

UK Hindi Samiti in conjunction with Hindi Aur Kala Vikas have organised many more events to explore Hindi language and culture.

Treasure Hunts

An activity where students learn Hindi from each other as well as their group leaders.

They receive clues in Hindi to find the treasure. They receive time penalties for speaking English etc.

Build a map of India by the knowledge of its states.

Questions are asked about each state and by answering correctly you can build a complete map.

Indian Property trading game using Indian Cities.

A game where you have to answer questions and perform tasks in Hindi to progress.

Well known games with a Hindi twist.

Pictures (who wants to be a millionaire and snakes and ladders)